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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Celebrating Pohela Boishakh,Celebration Bangla New Year on the stars

Every Year, on 14th April, all those who speak in Bangla, live in Bangladesh and interact with Bangladeshis. Come out to ring in the new year with songs of promise and novelty. The dawn of Pohela Baishakh is rife with the familiar happy tunes "Esho hey Boishakh, Esho Esho.." the theme song for the day is initiated by the chayanat choirs with the sunrise to welcome the year with all its goodness. The food for the day is fixed to Panta-Elish and any variation of the two, riding the nagordola (ferris wheel) young and old alike. But is that all. Does being Bengali mean celebrating this day in full fervor? What does it mean, beyond the white and red attires on us, the baul's crooning and raciting poems of famous Bengali literature's.
Out team turned to a those known faces who are famous and popular TV actress and presenter and amid active Bangladeshi citizens. Here's what they had to say:


I show my Bangaliana through the festivals, I celebrate with all my friends, fans and my family. Eating the food for the festival, wearing the dress of our culture nature for festival, everything comes in a packet for me. I love the culture and I believe always try to hold the culture in me inside and I would expect the readers will do that too.


I live it through my work. Wherever I am asked this certain question, I remember three lines of Jibanando Das: Tomar Jekhaane Shadd, Sheykhane Chole Jao, Ami Roye Jai Banglar Tore".
I believe none of us is a complete Bengali. But we should try to be one from inside. I can not go on saying so to make somebody adopt Bangliana, it should be coming from inside, deep a citizen is, at least give it a try and respect the nation you are a part of.

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